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Field Trial of ECO OK in Rice Farming by PKDV, Nagpur, India

The field trial on ‘Effect of Seed Treatment and Foliar Application of ECO OK on Growth, Grain Yield of Rice’ was conducted during the kharif season of 2023 at Agriculture Research Station, College of Agriculture, Nagpur. ECO OK is a Nano Composite with a unique combination of Silica, Silver (Ag), and Boron. As a biostimulant, ECO OK enhances plant metabolism by increasing the uptake of nutrients, which results in increase crop yield, and stimulates the growth of roots and shoots.

The objective was to study the effect of ECO OK on the growth and Yield of paddy. Experiment with eight treatments which include Seed Treatment and Foliar application at 15, 30, 45 & 65 days after transplanting. Treatments are as follows T1 Seed treatment, T2 ECO OK spray at 15 DAT, T3 ECO OK spray at 30 DAT, T4 ECO OK spray at 45 DAT, T5 ECO OK spray at 65 DAT, T6 Seed treatment, spray at 15, 30, 45 & 65 DAT, T7 Control plot + RDF 100%, T8 Absolute control.

Treatment T6 is the Eco-Cycle Farming Model that plays an important role in the optimal use of ECO OK, a multi-functional nano foliar product in agricultural farming. The Eco Cycle Farming Model for rice was researched and developed by BSB Nanotech through its international CTS (Comprehensive Technology Solutions) program to promote the effective use of ECO OK in a Circular Agricultural Economy. Eco-Cycle application as recommended Stage 1 - Seed treatment, Stage 2 - Root care & tillering, Stage 3- Branch care, Stage 4- Panicle care, Stage 5- Seed nurture.

Observation in the experimental trial was recorded that plant height at harvest showed significant differences within treatments. T6 (ECO Cycle) recorded maximum plant height at harvest and significantly superior overall treatment compared to the recommended dose of fertilizer. A similar trend was recorded with the number of tillers m-2 and the number of effective tillers m-2, grain per panicle, panicle weight, and 1000 seed weight compared to the recommended dose of fertilizer.

The seed yield of paddy recorded in this trial shows significant differences among the various treatments. T6 (ECO Cycle) recorded a maximum and significantly higher seed yield of 35 q/ha against the recommended dose of fertilizer of 28.1 q/ha.

It is concluded that the paddy crop treated by ECO Cycle not only shows effective results in terms of health and quantity of tillering, grain per panicle, panicle weight, and seed weight but also increases yield by 25%.


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