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In response to the increasing demand for high-quality cosmetics and personal care products with low environmental impact, BSB has successfully developed a range of rice-husk-based silica, specifically, for beauty and personal care. Biosilico, is manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 and has been certified according to GMP Asean for Cosmetics Ingredients.

Rice husk-based silica is wholly amorphous in nature and is a safe and eco-friendly ingredient that offers a plethora of benefits to personal care products and aids processability.

Silica can be used to replace microplastics as an abrasive agent in exfoliating products. Reducing plastic pollution induced by exfoliating products such as scrubs, cleansing lotions, and other such products. In oral care, applications silica can be used to remove stains. plaque and other substances from teeth. The particle size and hardness of Biosilico’s personal care range can be customized to suit the desired product’s tactility and end-use.


In powder and cream-liquid products, silica can act as an anti-caking and anti-settling agent whilst promoting sebum control. Anti-caking properties enhance the flow characteristics and distribution of pigment in coloured cosmetics. Silica can improve the consistency and stability of the product. It can also aid the processability and shelf-life of cream and liquid products. It enhances corrosion protection which prolongs the shelf-life of the product.


As an ingredient in cosmetics and skin care formulations, silica can boost collagen production. Significantly improving the elasticity, texture, and hydration of the skin in addition to reducing visible signs of aging. The absorptive properties of silica also make it an excellent carrier for perfume and active ingredients. It also can absorb excess moisture and oil from the surface of the skin.  

Further information can be accessed in the attached brochure. Download here

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