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 Oleophobic Silica

Oleophobic silica is primarily used to formulate oleophobic coatings in the Paints & Coatings Industry. Surfaces coated with these coatings do not allow oil to be absorbed by the surface which ultimately makes it anti-fingerprint, smudge resistant and oil repellent. Another industry that benefits from oleophobicity is the consumer electronic industry which includes phone and tablet screens that can repel oil from our fingers. The medical industry is also contributing to the growth of this niche market whereby it is used to coat medical tubings, endoscope lenses, surgical visors, surgical equipment and shields.


For the Oil and Gas Industry, it is utilized in flow and immersion environments to minimize paraffin and asphaltene build-up during oil and gas production and transportation. Oleophobic nano coatings using RH silica is a common occurrence in this industry today. RH silica particles in the nanometer size range can be used to create a thin barrier that protects the substrate on a nanoscale.


Through our own proprietary surface modification process, BSB has successfully developed RH silica that can be added into formulation of products to achieve oleophobicity. Several R&D projects on oleophobic silica are still ongoing to further expand our applications in various industries that this unique additive serves.


Lastly, our treated RH silica has both oleophobicity and superhydrophobicity to provide dual functionalities and thereby increasing the overall value of the formulated oleophobic coatings.

Download: Oleophobic Silica - Application Guide

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