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Fertilizers, or better known as food for the plants, plays an important role in improving plant growth and yield. They are also essential in replenishing the loss of nutrient in soil after harvest. The use of chemical fertilizers has often hinged on the cost and yield. In the current climate, however, there is an increasing and stronger call for environmental safety and food security.  This has propelled the need for eco-friendly or biobased fertilizers.  With this purpose in mind, BSB has successfully developed ECO OK, a bio-based Silica Nanocomposite foliar fertilizer (see here) launched in February 2023. Today, we are proud to launch our next groundbreaking bio-based trace-element root fertilizer, CHERRY.   

The CHERRY root fertilizer is made from the Silica Carbon Compoud (Sicarb) from rice husks and supplemented with important trace minerals for plants such as Iron, Copper, Zinc, Boron, Manganese, and micronutrients.

BSB’s rice husk Sicarb contains natural components of silica which is transported and accumulated in the xylem (tissue of vascular plants that transports water and nutrients from the soil to the stems and leaves), helping to prevent collapse. Silica also accumulates along the root axis and in many layers of the epidermis, acting as a very effective barrier against invasion of the plant body by pathogens and parasitic plants in leaf buds. Silica also reduces excessive water loss, increases resistance to extreme weather conditions such as floods, droughts, salinity, and enhances antioxidant capacity.

Trace minerals play a vital role in increasing crop yield and quality, enhancing resistance to unfavorable external conditions, pests and diseases, minimizing environmental pollution, and contributes to soil improvement.

Key Trace Elements in CHERRY and its benefits:


  • Calcium (CaO) forms calcium pectate, an important component in cell walls, keeping the cells strong, detoxifying for the plant, and soil improvement.

  • Magnesium reduces acidity, neutralizes pH, helps plants synthesize protein and convert nutrients.

  • Manganese (Mn) enhances the maturity and germination of seeds and plays a key role in some physiological processes, especially photosynthesis; increases yield and dry matter production, enhances the resistance of the structure against disease, and increases drought and thermal stress tolerance.

  • Iron is a catalyst for the formation of Chlorophyll and acts as a carrier for oxygen. It also helps to form some respiratory enzyme systems, making leaves beautiful and well-developed.

  • Copper is essential for Chlorophyll formation and also acts as a catalyst for other reactions in plants. Copper affects many of the biochemical and physiological processes of plants, such as N fixation, nitrate reduction, breakdown and CO2 reduction. It creates new tissue stems, leaves, and roots and affects the cold, heat, and drought tolerance of the plant. In addition, Copper promotes the formation of vitamin A in seeds, which is essential for seed development.

  • Zinc activates about 70 enzymes involved in many physiological and biochemical activities of plants. Zinc is considered one of the first trace elements needed for crops and affects crop yield.

  • Boron is essential for cell formation, sugar transport in plants, production of amino acids, germination of pollen grains, growth of pollen tubes, and essential for cell and seed formation. Boron directly affects cell differentiation, hormone exchange, N exchange, water, and other mineral exchange.

Benefits of CHERRY


  • As a root fertilizer, CHERRY is an optimum nutrient supplement solution to enhance the productivity and value of various crops. This is particularly true as Cherry is made from natural and environmentally-safe components.


  • CHERRY can be used for different types of soils to increase the fertility of the soil. Specifically, for saline soils, Cherry has the ability to quickly reduce salinity and improve soil quality.


  • CHERRY can be used in a variety of crops such as rice, other grains, and colorful flowers.


  • Use of CHERRY for fruit-bearing trees such as Durian, Orange, Grapefruit, Sugar Orange promotes healthy fruit formation, longer lifespan and enhances the aroma and taste of each species.


  • Industrial crops such as Coffee, Cashew nuts, Pepper also benefit from CHERRY by increasing fruit set rate and good quality yield.

For more product information or to place an order, please contact us via:

+84 967 18 04 98 (Vietnam)

+60 12 200 7524 (International)

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