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Hydrophilic Silica

Silica is known to provide many benefits and improve performance in a myriad of products in various industries. Silica is hydrophilic by nature because of the presence of hydroxyl groups (-OH) that is attached to the surface of the silica particles. The structure of the silica is dense and the hydroxyl groups also make it highly dispersible in water due to its water absorbing capabilities.

The general benefits for industrial applications are improved processability, increased mechanical properties (abrasion resistance, tensile strength, etc.), enhanced rheological properties (anti-settling, anti-caking, anti-sagging, etc.), and many more.

Rice husk (RH) silica is 100% amorphous and produced through a precipitation process and can be customized to provide different properties to suit a large range of applications and industries. A number of variables can be controlled through a proprietary process such as SiO2%, BET, particle size, particle size distribution, pore size, pore volume, moisture content, and others.

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