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Biosilico, as a bio-based nanoporous and amorphous silica or easily known as rice husk silica, is derived from rice husk ash and processed to an ultrafine and pure quality silicon dioxide. Biosilico is currently available in an agglomerated powder form.

As Biosilico is chemically inert, it can be synthesized with other nanomaterials to offer specific or multiple functionalities. Current researches show that it is an excellent carrier for anti-microbial applications.

We cemented our footprint in the nanotechnology world with the commercialization of Biosilico for the Paints and Coatings. Since then, we have expanded Biosilico for the Agriculture and Rubber industries. Our R&D team continues to explore applications of this versatile and customizable bio nanosilica for various industries such as Cosmetics, Refractory, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, to name a few.

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