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International Collaboration Program
Comprehensive Technology Solution

At BSB, we believe that collaboration with industry experts provide a solid foundation to bring science and technology achievements into life. The BSB “Comprehensive Technology Solution” (CTS) offer a platform to allow scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, enterprises, governments, etc. to collaborate with BSB to create and contribute valuable products and services for the benefits of society.


To date, BSB has engaged in a number collaborative programs with local and international partners in the following sectors:

  1. Nanocomposites for sustainable agriculture

  2. Superhydrophobic silica applications for rubber gloves

  3. Rice husk silica for high performance coatings

  4. Rice husk silica for personal care and beauty care

  5. Rice husk silica for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

  6. Rice husk silica for green aerogel


For collaboration on specific project or research and development, please contact

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