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 Superhydrophobic Silica

Superhydrophobic silica is a silica powder which is characterized by its water contact angle more than 150° and the sliding angle less than 10°. Superhydrophobic silica particles are prepared by the chemical reaction of hydrophilic silica with reactive silanes (fluorinated/nonfluorinated).

Superhydrophobicity in silica is processed through surfacemodification/treatment. The hydrophobicity into the hydrophilic silica is introduced by reacting its hydrophilic group-ends (silanol groups) with certain organosilane functional groups.

These organic groups are introduced by reagents like Fluorinated silanes. These organic groups get anchored on the hydrophilic silica surface via formation of co-valent bonds. The surface modification changes the chemical properties of the previous non-treated hydrophilic silica hence hydrophobically characterize the silica surface, making the silica hydrophobic in nature.


Superhydrophobic silica is a versatile product that can be used as raw-materials or as an additive in many industries such as paint and coatings as well as construction chemicals such as adhesives, automobiles and even solar-energy sectors.. The applications are aplenty and there are benefites in the application of Superydrophobic Silica in silicone rubber, sealants etc...

It is often manufactured as both single and multiphase composites in order to enhance properties such as dispersion, stability behavior, resistance to water, and functionality.

Some of the key Application Sectors of Superhydrophobic Silica covered in this guide includes:

  • Automobiles

  • Marine

  • Aircrafts

  • Solar-Energy

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Self-cleaning Wearables

  • Smart Sponges

Download: Superhydrophobic Silica - Application Guide

 Superhydrophobic Silica

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