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Multifunction Additive & Reinforcing Filler

Silica has long been used as reinforcing fillers in the rubber industry especially in the production of automobile tires, conveyor belts, gloves, shoes, hoses, just to name a few. It is shown to improve rheological properties and mechanical properties of rubber compound in many different aspects.


The addition of Silica nanoparticles results in a homogenous mixture within the Natural Rubber matrix forming a stable filler-rubber composite. 


Nano silica introduction in Natural Rubber improves:
1. Tensile strength;
2. Modulus and tear strength;
3. Abrasion resistance and hardness.

When used in polymer nanocomposite, Nano Silica migrates to surface at elevated temperatures and therefore providing better thermal ageing resistance to the rubber-filler composite.

The four main factors that influence effectiveness of fillers are namely particle size, particle surface area, particle shape and particle surface activity. Therefore, particles of Nano Silica have larger surface area due to their smaller size within the 1-100 nm range and it can be surface modified to further change its role in rubber as a filler.

Particle size is inversely related to surface area, and both are important factors that determine the effectiveness of a filler. The smaller the particle size, the higher the effective surface area that the particles can cover which in turn leads to better reinforcing capabilities within the rubber matrix.

Biosilico’s specific surface area (BET) is available in the range of 150 to 650 m2/g, a bigger and broader coverage without compromising the strength and quality as well as providing with the highest purity percentage of silica. Besides hydrophilic silica, Biosilico is also available in hydrophobic and superhydrophobic form, offering a new range of multifunctional properties for rubber applications.


  • Rubber Gloves

  • Footwear

  • Tires

  • Industrial Rubber Products

  • Silicone Rubber Products

  • EPDM/Chloroprene Rubber Products


Read more on the Technical Data and Application of Biosilico for Rubber. Download: Rubber Brochure.

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