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Which industries Biosil products can be used in?

Biosil nanoporous silica can be used for wide range of applications in many industries:


Paints & Coatings: as additives for mattifying; flame retardant; rheology controls; easy to clean; anti-corrosive... Please take a look at this video to learn more about how rice husk based silica can be applied to improve paint products performance for KOVA – a Vietnamese paint company. 


Rubber & Plastics: as reinforcing fillers, especially for green tire development. Please take a look at this video to learn more about how rice husk based silica can be applied to produce fuel-efficient tire for GOODYEAR – one of world leading tire production company.


Personal Care: as thickeners or abrasive agents for toothpaste; as a rheology, free flowing, sebum controls, opacifying, exfoliating… additives for skin care cream, body lotion, lipstick, shampoo and other cosmetic products. 


Food & Beverage: as anti-caking, free-flowing agents for food; as beer stabilizers for beer productions; as flavor and ingredients carrier for targeted food delivery. Please take a look here to learn how silica can help DouxMatok – an Israel start-up – to create a Targeted Delivery Technology Platform to reduce sugar, salt amount in cookies, cakes, chocolates, confectioneries, spreads, biscuit, snacks and bars, cereals… products, enabling healthier consumption of food without compromising its taste.


Refractory: as thermal barrier fillers for refractory building materials. Please take a look here to learn how silica in compound with calcium can help JIC Bestork – a Japan insulation company – to create a calcium silicate based products, which excel in fire resistance, thermal insulating performance, durability, humidity controllability, and other features for the construction, plant, raw material, civil engineering.


Agriculture: as carrier for active ingredient additives; in fertilizers, pesticides to increase the viability, yield and pest resistance of agricultural crops; in animal feed for disease prevention and treatment, and increase animals’ immunity.

Pharmacy: as anti-caking, absorbent, thickener additives; active ingredient carriers for smart drug delivery.


Glass & Ceramics: as reinforcing fillers for ceramics products. Please take a quick look at this website to learn about a Vietnamese leading ceramic company Minh Long – a pioneer in nano silica applications for ceramics products.


and many more…

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