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Bio-Silica based Nanocomposite

A Groundbreaking Green Solution For Sustainable Agriculture

The use of pesticides has been a debatable subject globally over the decades. Chemical pesticides, without a doubt, are environmentally unfriendly, hazardous and rampantly used in many parts of the world to yield more produce.

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Many researchers have conducted studies to combat this issue and have explored nanobiotechnology to develop and promote sustainable agriculture and crop improvement products. Research has also shown that nano-based fertilizers are safer for plants and will not induce toxicity (Saxena et al., 2016). Studies also highlighted the use of nano-silica, a widely available and popular nanomaterial, as an important catalyst in plant sustainability development.

While nanosilica is widely known to be developed from non-organic matter, Biosilico is derived from rice husk, an organic matter, and therefore, classifying Biosilico as a bio-based nanosilica. 

In pursuit of discovering the application of Biosilico for sustainable agriculture development, an extensive research was jointly carried out with a team of researchers in Nanomaterials from the Laboratory of Natural Sciences and National University in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) through the CTS platform by BSB Nanotech. The research was carried out over 18 months and resulted in the formulation of Ag/SiO₂ colloidal nanocomposite that is equally functional as the regular pesticide with an added advantage of producing enhanced antibacterial properties and prolonged performance duration that would reduce the dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, thus protecting people from harmful and hazard consequences. The results of this research and development were accepted and published in the Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Vol. 20, 1–8, 2020.

Current field trials have confirmed that Ag/SiO₂ nanocomposite is effective in controlling bacterial disease in crops and subsequently result in healthy produce. What is more important is the new process of synthesizing Ag/SiO₂ is efficient but highly effective, and can be scaled up for mass production.

The research results is highly positive and have paved the way for the entry of Biosilico into the field of Nanopesticides and Nanofertilizer for sustainable agriculture. At the time of this media release, BSB Nanotech has commenced further research and develop Biosilico for agricultural applications on a commercial scale.