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Can you provide a sample calculation on how circular economy model works for Biosil production in Vietnam?

Every year Vietnam produces 50 million ton paddy rice.


After milling processes, there are 40 million ton of rice and 10 million ton of rice husk, which is a renewable bio-mass energy source equivalent to 2.88 million ton of oil.


The problem here is that conventional rice husk combusting technology produces rice husk ash as crystalline form, which is a waste for environment.

With the BSB’s rice husk processing approach, besides the above-mentioned green energy, we can get 1.5 million ton of amorphous rice husk ash, which is suitable for further silica production processing.


In our estimate, our patented technologies allow to produce about 0.5 million ton of high purity silica and 1 million ton of silica carbon compound annually, which can be used for wide range of applications in many industries.


This model can make use of all components of rice husk, and add extremely high value to an agricultural waste (green energy, silica, silica-carbon compound) for rice planting countries.

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