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We are setting sails into International Waters!

Branching out from the success of establishing the Biosilico brand with a strong presence in Vietnam, BSB has geared itself to serve the international market.

Setting the sails for Paints and Coatings world

Through years of research and refining the formulation of bio nanoporous silica from rice husk, BSB began the commercialization of Biosilico through the Paints and Coatings industry in Vietnam. Having developed Biosilico as multi-functional additives and offered matting agent, flame retardant, anti-settling, anti-corrosive and easy-to- clean properties, BSB is poised to place Biosilico in the international arena.

Navigating the seas of opportunities in the Paints and Coatings Industry

The Paints and Coatings industry offers a significant opportunity as the world demand for specialized paints and coatings continue to rise. With the successful commercialization of Biosilico for various paint and coatings applications and the accreditation of ISO 9001:2015 certification, BSB is confident that Biosilico would meet the international standards required by this industry. 

BSB’s Chairman, Mr. Hung Nguyen, says: “The 3rd of September marks a milestone of achievement for Biosilico as we take the first step into the international market. We are positively assured that Biosilico, a versatile component for the paints and coatings industry, will deliver the required quality and effective end product”.

Seeking new frontier

In the journey to seek new markets, BSB also welcomes the collaboration with research and development bodies or specialists to jointly research and unlock the maximum potential of rice-husk based bio nanoporous silica for various industrial applications.


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