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Outstanding Results from Field Trials of ECO OK on Rice Field

A report issued by the Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute has revealed that application of ECO OK on OM18 rice in the Winter-Spring Crop resulted in an increase of > 20% yield and >55% profit compared to the control field.

ECO OK is applied to rice field through a unique cultivation process with seed treatment and spraying with ECO OK at stages 0, 10, 30, 55 and 70 Days after Sowing. ECO OK helps to keep leaves green, enhances strong vitality and better resistance to pests and diseases than the control crop. The rice in the field sprayed with ECO OK was very hardy and the rice plants did not fall, while in the control plot, about 40% of the rice plants fell during heavy rains, just days before the harvest.

Based on the positive results, the report suggests further testing in the forthcoming Summer-Autumn Crop to continue the assessment of this multi-functional nano foliar spray product.


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