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Introducing Biosilico Hydrophobic Aerogel Silica from Rice Husk: A Sustainable Revolution!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of BSB's groundbreaking Hydrophobic Silica Aerogel, a pioneering achievement as the world's first Aerogel derived from agricultural waste.

Our Aerogel is meticulously crafted from rice husks, often discarded or burned byproducts of rice milling. Through our proprietary process, we extract silica from rice husks and synthesize it into a premium Silica Aerogel material, thereby enriching and diversifying our portfolio of Silica products, transforming rice husks into a valuable resource. Rice husk ash, as a key input material, is upcycled thousands of times through this process, to offer the most effective thermal insulation material on the plant, whilst drastically reducing CO2 emissions through a low pressure and temperature manufacturing process.

Biosilico Hydrophobic Aerogel Silica is an ultra-light, transparent, highly insulating and hydrophobic material. Besides, the product is also safe for humans and the environment, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Biosilico Hydrophobic Aerogel Silica holds the potential to revolutionize numerous industries, including:

1. Building Insulation: Utilizing Biosilico Aerogel Silica in walls, roofs, and floors enhances energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

2. Cryogenics: It effectively insulates cryogenic vessels, ideal for storing liquid nitrogen and helium.

3. Paint and Coatings: Aerogel coatings offer exceptional heat and sound insulation, self-cleaning, and anti-adhesion properties, making them valuable for building glass, solar panels, and sensors.

4. Aerospace: Aerogels excel at insulating fuel tanks, cargo compartments, and other aerospace components, minimizing energy consumption when using Aerogel because of its very low density.

5. Oil and Gas: Aerogels insulate pipes and tanks, reducing heat loss and preventing condensation. They also serve as efficient absorbents and desorbents in this industry.

6. Pharmaceuticals: Aerogels maintain temperature control in pharmaceutical packaging during transport and storage.

7. Clothing and Blankets: Composite materials featuring Aerogel enhance flexibility, durability, and thermal insulation, making them suitable for safety equipment and apparel.

Silica Aerogel from rice husks represents an innovative and eco-conscious solution, contributing to environmental preservation and improved quality of life. We are excited to pioneer this technology and collaborate with our customers to explore new applications and unleash creativity.

Choose Biosilico Hydrophobic Aerogel Silica from rice husk to lead the way in cutting-edge technology and efficiency, fostering a sustainable future!


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