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In the journey “From Ash To Cash”, BSB Nanotechnology Joint Stock Company, has developed several premium grade silica products from rice husk ash including Nanocomposite silica infused with metals to act as antiviral and antibacterial agents, and even extract Sicarb as a by-product from our Silica.

In 2022, BSB successfully developed two products for the agricultural industry, the nano foliar fertiliser ECO OK and Root Fertilizer Cherry. These products have received outstanding results on a variety of crops and fruit trees. Following the extensive field trials in the past two years, BSB has formed Biosilico Agricare unit that markets ECO OK and Cherry.

Biosilico Agricare was officially launched during the product exhibition at the Mekong Delta Rice Institute on February 16, 2023 along with the Report on the ECO OK trial on OM18 rice at the Cuu Long Delta Rice Institute for the Winter-Spring crop of 2023.

Bio-based Crop Protection and Growth Booster, ECO OK, has trace elements Silica (SiO2) and Boron (B) to help plants grow well, sturdy, thick cuticle, which helps to increase resistance to external agents, fall and drought. ECO OK also aids in the rapid growth of the roots and leaves to help plants get more nutrients and good photosynthesis. Nano Silver (Ag) is coated and released slowly to prolong the activity against viruses, bacteria and fungi, and the plant has good resistance to both abiotic and biotic stresses and generates a significant increase in yield.

Sicarb also contains many valuable active ingredients received from the mother soil by rice plants, supplemented with a number of secondary and micronutrients, which is used as a root fertilizer for plants. Cherry has the ability to balance the pH of the soil and help the enrich the soil with organic matters and nutrients for plants to grow and develop well.

In the pioneering of ECO OK, BSB has successfully implemented the Circular Agriculture model for rice forming, generating high-value added products with Nanotechnology and converting the waste from rice farming to products that serve as crop protection and growth booster in rice paddies, increasing yield, reducing chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and enriching the lives of rice farmers.

For more product information or to place an order, please contact us via Email:


+84 967 18 04 98 (Vietnam)

+60 12 200 7524 (International)


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