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ECO OK Achieves Remarkable Success in Vietnam, Highlighted by Agricultural Newspaper:

Farmers Embrace Advanced Rice Husk-Based Nanotechnology

BSB's ECO OK recently gained significant recognition, prominently featured in the Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper. The article, published on October 21, underscores the product's impressive application and efficacy, as attested by farmers in may parts of Vietnam. This comprehensive coverage was shared in both Vietnamese and English versions, and the online publication can be accessed through the links provided in:

As an online publication of the official press agency of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper serves as a reputable source for news on agricultural topics in Vietnam.

For a concise overview and reader-friendly format, BSB provides the text version of the article for easy reference.



The world's first nano technology exploited rice husk by-products and integrated into bio-fertilizer ECO OK, as an economical solution, increasing production efficiency for farmers.

Image 1: The total amount of agricultural waste and by-products in Vietnam is estimated at nearly 160 million tons. Of which, by-products from agricultural processing, rice husks, account for 8.6 million tons. This by-product source has been utilized or reused by businesses to produce industrial alcohol, generate biomass electricity, and make biological bedding for livestock or organic fertilizers...

Image 2: For the first time in the world, BSB Nanotech Company launched product extracted from rice husks with a pioneering technology. ECO OK has the Nano Composite Silica ingredient, which positively affects nutrient metabolism processes, root development, flowering, fruit nourishment, and minimizing diseases infected by bacteria, viruses and fungi.


Image 3: From 2016 - 2017, the movement to convert ineffective rice-growing into orange- growing land has developed widely in Tra Vinh province. After a long period of very low prices, many farmers have been turning into cultivating and improving the quality of oranges following organic farming.

Image 4: Mr. Ho Van Muoi Hai in Tan Binh commune, Cang Long district, Tra Vinh province, from the initial 3.000 m2, continued to invest an additional 11.000 m2 for organic oranges farming. He chose and tested the ECO OK nano fertilizer produced by BSB Nanotech Company.

Image 5: After 1 year of use, Mr. Muoi Hai family's orange garden achieved unexpected results. Mr. Muoi Hai concluded that ECO OK nano fertilizer gives green, thick leaves and glossy fruit skin. Pouring ECO OK on the tree root & stem will maintain the soil loose and prevent acidity. In particular, diseases on orange trees decreased significantly and productivity increased from 8 tons/1.000 m2 to 10 tons/1.000 m2.

Image 6: Mr. Le Minh Trung, Thong Hoa commune, Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh Province, having used ECO OK nano fertilizer had the same comment: "The product has the advantage of creating lush green leaves and limiting tree’s diseases. Through practical recording in my garden, I saved 50% of cost using ECO OK compared to using chemical fertilizers."

Image 7: Farmer Nguyen Hoang, living in Thong Hoa commune, Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh province, started growing orange for the first time. According to Mr. Hoang, ECO OK nano fertilizer with bio-based ingredients from rice husks is effective in improving soil and is especially friendly to the users’ health.

Image 8: In the fruit growing area in Co Do district, Can Tho city, ECO OK nano fertilizer is also widely used by farmers. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Cuong at Thoi Hung commune, planted more than 5 hectares of fruits, including guava and longan. The guava trees naturally have a lot of pests and diseases, especially mealybugs. Previously, Mr. Cuong always used pesticides for prevention and treatment. Boldly using ECO OK products, Mr. Cuong confided: "Since the farm has been "bathed" with ECO OK, instead of harvesting fruit every half a month previously, now I have fruit to sell every 4-7 days."

Image 9: Beside enhancing the effectives on fruit trees, ECO OK multifunctional nano fertilizer also proves its ability to maintain green color of leaves and productivity of rice plants. Mr. Huynh Van Chin at Long Duc commune, Long Phu district, Soc Trang province, tested the product on 5.000 m2 of ST25 rice. Up to now, the rice field is 90 days old, the rice leaves are straight and green, the rice grains are long and firm.

Image 10: Mr. Pham Hoang Tran at Long Duc commune, Long Phu district, Soc Trang province collaborated with a rice export enterprise to grow safe rice, thus required organic products and food safety. ECO OK nano fertilizer meets these requirements. After monitoring the growth process of rice plants, Mr. Tran assessed that the product hardened rice plants and controlled pests from the beginning of the season, saving fertilizer investment costs of over 1 million VND/ha.

Image 11: Observing Mr. Tran's rice paddy field about to harvest, neighboring farmers were very excited. Because the market price of rice grown by organic method and safe process is 200 VND/kg higher than the price of traditional rice.

Image 12: At the Mekong Delta Rice Institute, BSB Nanotech Company conducted a field trial in the 2023 for Summer- Autumn crop of the OM18 rice with a plot of 2.6 hectares. The treatment was cultivated according to the EcoCyle model combined with recommendations of the Mekong Delta Rice Institute. ECO OK, which was used in seed treatment period, then sprayed 10, 30, 55 or 65 days after sowing, produced outstanding results. Specifically, the rice yield increased by 26.8%, and together with the reduction in the amount of fertilizer and pesticides used, generated outstanding economic benefits, increasing profitability up to 113.6% compared to the Control.


Ngoc Anh


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