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BSB's Groundbreaking Presentation Receives Top Honours at AGRICO 2023

BSB, a trailblazing player in the agricultural industry, has achieved a remarkable feat by winning the Best Session Presentation and Best Overall Presentation awards at the prestigious 10th International Conference on Agriculture 2023 (AGRICO). This accolade underscores the importance of BSB's pioneering work in the field of agricultural innovation.

AGRICO 2023: Fostering Progress in Agriculture

The AGRICO 2023 conference serves as a nexus for scholars, experts, policymakers, industries, and stakeholders dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices. It provides a crucial platform for addressing challenges, showcasing emerging technologies, and fostering networking opportunities to advance the agricultural sector. AGRICO 2023 is instrumental in promoting knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation within the agricultural community.

ECO OK: The Game-Changing Nano Foliar Fertilizer

BSB's award-winning presentation at AGRICO 2023 centred on ECO OK, a high-grade multifunctional Nano Foliar Fertilizer developed through extensive research, innovative nanocomposite formulation based on nano metal and large silica matrix, rigorous and successful field trials and optimum application procedure. ECO OK stands as a revolutionary product designed to harmonize nutrient levels, fortify plant roots and leaves, stimulate growth, promote blooming and flowering, and shield plants from heat stress as well as harmful fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Notably, field trials involving rice and wheat cultivation demonstrated an astonishing increase in yield of up to 25%.

A Bio-Based and Circular Economy Solution for Global Agriculture

Crafted from Rice Husk Silica, ECO OK is a bio-based formulation that exemplifies BSB's commitment to eco-friendly and circular agriculture economy. This game-changing product is poised to empower farmers worldwide to enhance the yield of their rice and wheat crops without compromising soil health or plant root systems.

BSB's Vision for a Food-Secure World

AGRICO 2023 afforded our CCO and CTO, Mr. Christopher Nghia Do, the unique opportunity to share BSB’s vision and mission with a global audience. BSB remains dedicated to actively seeking collaboration with farmers and agricultural associations worldwide. Together, we aim to combat threats to global food security by upcycling agricultural waste products and introducing sustainable practices that bolster both crop yield and crop protection.

BSB's outstanding performance at AGRICO 2023 marks a pivotal moment in the journey toward sustainable and innovative agriculture. The recognition received at the conference reinforces BSB's commitment to making a positive impact on the global agricultural landscape and driving the industry towards a more secure and sustainable future.

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