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Thailand, January 2023 – BSB Nanotechnology, a leading innovator in nanotechnology solutions, proudly announces a groundbreaking agreement with Behn Meyer Group, a renowned distributor and supplier of specialty ingredients, to launch an exclusive range of Biosilico rice husk silica tailored specifically for the beauty and personal care industry. The collaboration, established in November 2023, marks a significant milestone in advancing sustainable and high-performance ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care market.

BSB Nanotechnology's Biosilico rice husk silica is an eco-friendly and innovative material derived from rice husk, a by-product of rice milling. This breakthrough technology harnesses the power of nanotechnology to create a premium silica with unparalleled purity and effectiveness. Biosilico's unique properties make it an ideal ingredient for a wide range of beauty and personal care applications.

Key highlights of the collaboration include:

  1. Sustainable Beauty Solutions: BSB Nanotechnology's Biosilico rice husk silica aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly beauty products. The partnership with Behn Meyer Group aims to introduce environmentally conscious alternatives without compromising on performance.

  2. Enhanced Formulation Capabilities: The Biosilico range offers cosmetic formulators an edge in creating products with improved texture, enhanced stability, and better absorption. The advanced formulation capabilities of Biosilico open up new possibilities for innovative and effective skincare and personal care products.

  3. Quality Assurance: Behn Meyer Group, known for its commitment to quality and excellence, will ensure the distribution of Biosilico rice husk silica adheres to the highest standards. This collaboration guarantees that beauty and personal care manufacturers in the region will have access to a reliable supply of this cutting-edge ingredient.

  4. Market Expansion: The partnership between BSB Nanotechnology and Behn Meyer Group is poised to expand the market reach of Biosilico in the beauty and personal care sector across the Southeast Asian region. This collaboration leverages Behn Meyer's extensive network and expertise to introduce Biosilico to a wider audience.

"We are thrilled to partner with Behn Meyer Group to bring our Biosilico rice husk silica to the forefront of the beauty and personal care industry. This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to sustainability, innovation, and delivering high-quality solutions to meet the evolving needs of consumers," said Mr Nguyen Viet Hung, CEO of BSB Nanotechnology.

The collaboration between BSB Nanotechnology and Behn Meyer Thailand is set to revolutionize the beauty and personal care industry with Biosilico's sustainable and high-performance offerings. For more information about the partnership and Biosilico rice husk silica, please contact Vicky Veeran at


BSB Nanotechnology, a leading innovator and producer of commercial-scale rice husk-based nanoporous silica. Branded as Biosilico, this high-performance material offers versatile applications across multiple industries. With a dedicated focus on cutting-edge research and development, BSB Nanotechnology is committed to transforming industries through the continuous advancement of nanomaterials. As a frontrunner in the field, BSB Nanotechnology remains steadfast in its mission to deliver innovative solutions that redefine the possibilities of various sectors.

Behn Meyer Group is a leading distributor and supplier of specialty ingredients , serving a diverse range of industries. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Behn Meyer  provides high-quality solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers


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