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BSB Nanotech signs MoU with Sanofi Vietnam to create circular economy for rice husks

On December 10th 2021, the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding

between Sanofi Vietnam and BSB Nanotechnology Joint Stock Company (BSB

Nanotech) in the project "Rice Is The New Green” (RING Project) took place at Saigon

Hi-Tech Park (SHTP). This is a significant step in establishing BSB Nanotech as a

strategic partner in the RING project with the aim of creating a brand new rice husk

circular economy by converting rice husk material into pure silica for manufacturing,

pharmaceuticals and reducing the carbon dioxide emissions significantly in Vietnam.

As part of a long-standing commitment to reduce the environmental footprint, Sanofi

group launched an 80 billion VND fund to support projects across the globe that will

further contribute to a healthier environment. Sanofi Vietnam won the first price with its

“Rice Is The New Green” program that will be funded by Sanofi group.

Rice husks are generally considered waste. But in this project, rice husk becomes a

source of biomass fuel that can be used to replace fossil fuels in most manufacturing

industries. Sanofi Vietnam factory located in SHTP will replace diesel boiler with rice

husk biomass boiler and remove 2.3 Ktons of CO2 emissions per year. This model is

expected to pioneer in promoting other industries in Vietnam to seek alternatives to

diesel fuel, contributing to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions nationwide.

In September 2021, Sanofi Vietnam and GIZ’s Climate Protection through Sustainable

Bioenergy Market in Vietnam (BEM) signed an agreement on cooperation in

implementing the RING project. GIZ has joined the project as the technical advisor by

bringing their deepest expertise, and experience in biomass energy together with their

strongest connections within the bioenergy ecosystem in Vietnam.

BSB Nanotech, with its R&D headquarter and plant located in SHTP, is the world first

company to produce and commercialise Bio Nanoporous Silica from rice husk. The

production of silica from an agricultural waste offers strong environmental, technical,

technological and commercial advantages in comparison with conventional methods of

producing silica from sand and quartz, especially in terms of compliance with ESG

(Environment – Society - Governance) standards, which attracts special attention from

international investors. As a partner in the RING project, BSB Nanotech will play a key

role to support Sanofi in applying a suitable technological solution to obtain high quality

silica for use in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, creating additional

benefits and values for a project with a circular economy principle.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung, CEO of BSB Nanotech said: "BSB Nanotech owns the

technology for producing nanosilica from rice husk and is the first company in the world

to convert rice husk to nanosilica on an industrial scale with multiple industrial

applications. "Rice Is The New Green" – The RING project with outstanding

Technologies of BSB Nanotech is a sustainable circular economy concept that confirms

the high performance of an international collaboration programme comprehensive

technology solutions. BSB is proud to be a part of this project and Sanofi's long-term

aim of making Vietnam greener."

"Rice Is The New Green project is demonstrating the highest passion and commitment

of Sanofi to support the green energy ecosystem in Vietnam” said Mr. Eric Auschitzky –

Head of Sanofi Vietnam's Industrial Affairs. "We are extremely excited to have BSB

Nanotech on board with the project as it will allow us to build a fully circular economy in

Vietnam. This project is extremely ambitious as we are aiming to reduce significantly the

carbon dioxide footprint in Vietnam while building a brand new biomass industry with

massive positive social and economic impact for Vietnam.”


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