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BSB Nanotechnology Joint Stock Company (BSB Nanotech) is proud to announce the receipt of the RSB certification for the production of Nanoporous Silica from Rice Husk at its 1st Branch in Saigon Hi -Tech Park, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

The certification attests the bio-based identity of our rice husk silica (produced under brand name Biosilico). The RSB approach undertakes stringent and industry recognised standards to ensure that the chain of custody is duly audited and transparency in reporting is clearly adhered.

Founder and CEO of BSB Nanotech, Mr Hung Nguyen commented, “The discovery of silica from rice husk has been researched by many worldwide but very few had successfully commercialised and even lesser had been certified by any standards or bodies. BSB Nanotech undertook on a bold and extensive move to authenticate the production of this bio-based silica. The arduous exercise has resulted in a certification that cements our commitment of producing Nanoporous silica from rice husk, an agricultural waste, with the addition of being the 1st company in the world to achieve this recognition.”

The coveted RSB certification echoes the ambitions of BSB Nanotech to develop a sustainable business that brings benefits to all stakeholders and to monetise all the potential of this abundant agricultural waste to substitute conventional silica from depleting sources such as quartz and sand.


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