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How to disperse Biosil additives in paints & coatings production processes?

Depending on the paints & coatings types and manufacturing processes, the Biosil as a free-flowing powder can be dispersed in four different ways:

Pre-dispersed: Additives should be dispersed together with pigments and fillers. In this case, it is a matter of an additive percentage using the right equipment (high speed dissolvers, pearl mill, etc.)


Masterbatch (pre-wetted): A ready-to-use concentrates with other paints ingredients (they can be mixed using stirrer at low agitation speed) for further productions processing. 

In-situ: Additives should be incorporated at the paint production wetting phase in a low viscosity binder solution, via a stirrer or dissolver. 

Post-added: Additives should be incorporated at the paints production stabilizing phase using a simple stirrer to adjust or improve the final paints & coatings performance, for examples: matting or easy to clean effects.

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